An Ode to Oudolf

Is it art? Who knows, but it's a beautiful bit of planting in a remarkable setting. Piet Oudolf's installation at the Serpantine Gallery in Hyde Park is in the middle of a sci-fi style matt black obelisk. You have to stumble through a series of dark corridors before you emerge blinking into the central space.

I can only imagine how beautiful it is in the early morning when no-one is there. but sadly on a sunny Saturday in central London it was packed.

No matter. The planting looked great, even though autumn is upon us. I found myself going back into the corridors to enjoy the views framed by the doorways. In the central space, I found the dark overhanging building a bit glowering and oppressive.

Still, coming face to face with a planting designed by one of your gardening heroes doesn't happen every day!

[By the way, this is a belated post from early October... which explains why it is so warm and sunny in these photos!]