A Peaceful bit of Peckham

Some friends took us to see Choumert Square as part of the National Garden Scheme today. It's a little hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Peckham, South London.

The 'square' is actually a single private street lined with a patchwork of tiny front gardens. Each is very different, but every one is thoughtfully planted and beautiful.

Joan - who greeted pretty much every visitor and told them a bit about the 'square'.
We also had the great pleasure of meeting Joan - a spry 91-year-old who has lived on the street for 25 years. She told us that the 46 houses that make up the street were ex-workers homes, and originally none had running water - householders had to draw it from a well in what is now the communal garden. Today the communal garden held a small band playing jaunty 40's numbers despite the pouring rain. Brilliantly British.

By popular request...


  1. I was persuaded to take a small part in the Open Day as "Talk to an Old Man, 20 p per chat". My son persuaded me to sit and talk to people for a small contribution. It was great fun. One small boy described me as "Awesone!"

  2. "20p to talk to an old man" was definitely the HIGHLIGHT of the day!!! genius idea....

  3. I very nearly came and paid my 20p - but you were deep in conversation (possibly with the boy who described you as awesome). I'm sorry I didn't wait now! It was a great idea - so good in fact that I've added an extra photo of your sign to this page.

  4. Rain may have 'stopped play', but it certainly wasn't a 'wash out'. To all the visitors who braved the elements and made our Open Garden Day such a success, thank you.